Friday, September 6, 2013


Summers are always hectic for me. My job is at its most intense from May to September. Okay, so that's a bit longer than summer, but when you add in Jake and Sam home from school and 100+ degree days, I have little time to think, much less enjoy a creative outlet.

So now that Sam is starting his freshman year of high school, Jake is back in Arizona for his second year of college and it's just a little over two weeks until we adopt the county budget, I can go to my sewing room/older son's bedroom and work on a project rather than just take a nap on his bed.

Working on a project when you are exhausted from the day job is easier said than done. So I decided to start with easy, immediate gratification projects first. Fabric bowls--little thinking required. The other thing I like about making fabric bowls is that I can hit my stash pretty hard. Although I'd have to live to 250 to have enough time to use up all my current stash of fabrics. But I digress.

Back to bowls. I made two bowls on Monday (Labor Day) and made another one tonight. I haven't taken a picture of tonight's creation, so that picture will come later. It was fun making them and I have a few ideas for fabric brooches to make this weekend.

But not tomorrow morning, when I have to be at the Liberty Hill Cross Country Meet at 7:15 am to learn what my job is as Judge #4. Sam's race is the last one at 11 am. Which means that it'll be scorching hot out there by the time he has to run his 3-mile race. Poor kid. I have to admit that I'm very proud of him for doing cross country. Practice starts at 6 am M-Th and on race day he usually has to be at school around 6 am to ride the bus to the meet. And it's likely that he'll never medal in cross country because he's a natural sprinter. He does this only to stay in shape for track season in the spring.

And exciting news from Jake. He's trying out for the University of Arizona's club baseball team. I didn't think he'd ever want to play organized ball after high school he seemed so burned out on it. But a year away from the sport and he's looking forward to playing again. The only bad thing is that we're so far away it'll be almost impossible to catch one of his games. I hope there's online coverage of the games.

Go Panthers! Go Wildcats!

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Wanna Be Pioneer said...

How did you learn how to do these bowls?? I SO want to learn! And I still want to learn how to quilt one day...never too old to learn something new, right?? :)